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Alumni and Student Interviews!

Interview: Dr. Sarah from Africa on Internships

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Interview: Dr. Sarah on Cultural Differences in Africa

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Interview: Dr. Sarah on Women in Ministry in Africa

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Interview: Sharing with Muslims

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My Call to Evangelism - Tim Black

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Hi, My name is Tim Black and I want to tell you a little about my self. I was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit at the age of 12 but I didn't follow the lifestyle that came along with being saved. So I fought the calling in my life until the age of 40.

Then an Evangelist came to our church and prophesied over me that I would have a ministry. Well there you go, God wanted me to Evangelize. Well I didn't have the foggiest idea about how to do it, so I kept my faith up and trusted in the Lord and waited until He opened the right doors. That's when I met Carlotta Waldmann. She had just moved into town and was starting a class on "How To Here God's Voice For Others." Well I thought that's it, how else am I going to preach His word other than what He tells me. Well was I in for a shocker. The voice I always heard in my mind was God communicating to me all the time, I just didn't realize it. I found that I have a gift of Prophesy and Words of Knowledge. Since I have realized this its been a burning desire to spread God's word to other Christians and non-Christians.

That's why you're here today, because God led you here to receive feeding in a plain and simple way. So enjoy the message and may God bless you.
"Doing it the Lord's way and, keeping it simple!" Tim Black

What Students Want from Mentors
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What We Desire in Mentorees
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The Sweet Science of Divine Combat - Mark Douglass

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Mark Douglass: I guess most folks would consider me an average kind of guy. I know what it means to struggle from paycheck to paycheck and job to job. I’ve been a Carpet Installer, Navy Corpsman, Life Insurance Salesman, Daily Activity Aid for the mentally handicapped, Hospital Orderly, Phlebotomist (the guy who pokes you for blood at the hospital), Electrocardiogram Technician, Semi- Tractor Truck Driver, Telemetry Technician (watched heart beats on monitors in a cardiac ward in what I fondly referred to as, “The Sensory Deprivation Chamber”) and now a full time recruiter for the Army National Guard. I don’t have initials after my name indicating any kind of college degree. Sometimes I have to initial things after I sign them. The Army seems to like it. I’m happily married with 2 kids and one car. The children are young and seem to like me still. The point is that there is nothing on paper to recommend me for what I am doing. I am an ordinary person writing an extraordinary book.
Two summers ago I spent five days in silence before God in prayer. I had read a prophetic word on the Internet and it seemed as though the Holy Spirit was urging me to participate in the five days the prophetic word referred to. Since it seemed little harm would come by it if I was wrong, I readily agreed. The five days turned out to be an interesting exercise in discipline! I had operated in a prophetic gifting already for a number of years, but had never attempted to quiet my mind for so long a time! As I sat in a parking lot waiting for my wife to return from a store, I felt in my spirit the “bubbling up” or in the Hebrew, the naba of prophetic unction. The words that arose with this naba were, “The Sweet Science of Divine Combat”. Thus began a journey of discovery I am still walking in Divine revelation and understanding as to what the Sweet Science of Divine Combat is and why this is important.
This initial volume of “The Sweet Science of Divine Combat” will provide greater understanding of the framework God has created for us to live. Have you ever argued over the sovereignty of God, free will, and predestination? “The Sweet Science of Divine Combat” shows how each of these things are real and how they work with one another. You will learn what every soldier needs to know ie. Who is in charge and where do I fit in all of it? It is my prayerful desire that all who read this book will have a revelation of who they are in Christ. I can show you the path, but I cannot make you walk it. You will discover why you need not fear the days that lie ahead despite what you see on television. You will begin to see from this initial volume how to be victorious in your daily walk with God and man. How to leverage faith for results rather than self effort. Would you rather move a mountain by faith or pick and shovel? If you choose faith, I invite you to read this book!

“The Sweet Science of Divine Combat” (first paragraph)

Absolute darkness on expectant waters of intention…swirling…touching…coalescing. Overshadowing Presence, thick and brooding with life and power. A fluttering! Then a Voice! Raging, demanding, with infernos building, exploding upon explosions reaching outward toward infinity, a piercing, bright, light. Many days will pass after this before Moses would pen the words, “Then God said, Let there be light, and there was light.” Welcome to the realm of our Creator God!
Mark A Douglass



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