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NowFaith.TV Advanced Ministry Lesson #15
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The Spirit of God said to add another page to the Tearing Down Personal Strongholds course under the fear stronghold.  While the teaching on the fear stronghold is already comprehensive, to keep up with these end times, we have to pray  more specifically against the fear of evil.

Many people are overwhelmed with the over growth of cults, satanism, new age, Wicca, witchcraft, scientology and other religions founded by Satan. People who are highly motivated to come for Restoration Prayer Ministry usually have areas in their life where it feels like devils are in control and there is no getting the victory over them. 

Believers who don't own their spiritual power and authority, have more faith that the devil will win than they have faith that Jesus Christ inside them will win.  They report that they have tried to believe scripture but the devil still has them in captivity in certain areas of serious doubt and unbelief.  Do you have more faith or more fear?

People confess the power of evil over them, giving devils more and more power as they agree with them and their deceptions.  Evil has no power except what we give to it by agreeing with it as we speak.  The main power that devils have is to threaten you with an ILLUSION that they will do something.  If you agree with them, they will  have your permission.  When devils threaten, who do you normally agree with? God or devils?

Do you have more faith in the power of Jesus Christ inside you to win or more fear of the power of the evil to win??  Do you walk in fear or in faith? 
Do you speak worry, doubts and fears or command devils to go in Jesus' Name?  Do you believe you have dominion over the earth and all devils in Jesus' Name?  Do you see yourself as always winding up on the bottom of the pile?

FEAR that evil will win -
speaks doubts and fears.


FAITH in Christ inside -
"commands" in Jesus Name.

Whenever I try, devils block me.


I speak God's will into existence.

Devils hear me and shut me down.


I bind demonic spirits in Jesus Name.

Devils make me sin and doubt.


I cast out devils in Jesus Name.

If I cast one out, 7 more will come.


I cancel back up forces/assignments.

If I resist devils, they backlash.


I cancel backlash curses and plans.

Devils attack me and my family.


I place a hedge of protection around us.

Witches astral-project to my home.


I put up a wall of fire they cannot cross.

I agreed with the family witchcraft.


I have asked forgiveness 5 ways. **

I and my descendants are cursed.


I renounce curses breaking their power.

Sinful childhood vows block me.


I repent and break their power.

I was dedicated to evil by witches.


I renounce every false dedication.

The devil will not let my family go.


I place the Cross between us and him.

People transfer demons to me.


I am forgiven and sealed by the Spirit.

I am afraid of occult attacks.


I repented and closed every open door.

I was baptized in a satanic family.


I am born again into the family of God.

My property is cursed or haunted.


I take authority over all that is mine.

Satan's darts constantly hit me.


I am protected by the armor of God.

Demonic spirits control our area.


Warring angels hide all that is mine.

I am bound to ungodly soul ties.


I break the power of ungodly soul ties.

My spirit is captivated by devils.


Jesus sets the captives and me free.

I cannot be delivered from devils.


I maintain freedom, agreeing with God.

Devils take charge of my tongue.


I am a voice for God and His Word.

Devils control me / shut me down.


I/Jesus destroy the works of the devil.

Devils make me violent w/ rage.


I express the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Parts of me war against my spirit.


Jesus makes me one as He is one.

I am evil with impure thoughts.


I confess sin and Jesus purifies me.

I can't earn God's acceptance.


I am unconditionally loved / accepted.

I am evil and not loveable.


Father loves me and hates sin.

I will fail and will be punished.


Christ in me can do all things well.

I cannot meet God's standards.


I have all I need for life / godliness.

I am owned by a coven.


Jesus bought me with a price.

I am oppressed / hopeless to win.


I am more than a conqueror in Christ.

I am cursed by secret societies.


I renounce the curses and vows.

Parts of me belong to demons.


I love me and cast out the demons.

Parts of me still hate Jesus Christ.


I share the love of Jesus with them.

I am imprisoned by mind control.


Jesus is renewing my mind w His.

I am brain-washed / programmed.


Jesus' anointing breaks every yoke.

My destiny is controlled by devils.


I am purposed and destined by God.

I deserve to live in torment / fear.


God's perfect love casts out my fears.

Satan is my master; I am a slave.


Jesus is my Lord, Savior and Master.

Satan controls me and my family.


Jesus has all power in Heaven / earth.

I am unworthy / undeserving.


Jesus died to make believers worthy.

I am an embarrassment to Jesus.


Jesus called me to partner with Him.

I defile all who come near me.


I make disciples in all nations.

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