What prophecy has to
be fulfilled before the
anti-Christ is identified?


Luke 21:28 "But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near."


Luke 21:32 "Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all things take place."

1 Tim 4:1
"Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of DEVILS;.."


I, Carlotta, have always been a student of eschatology (end-times prophecies.) Today, I have attempted to list many major (not all) prophecies here for you. The Bible is clear that no one knows the order of these things i.e. when Christ will return for His saints. This is not an exhaustive list but will give many of you an idea of what is to come.

These prophetic references are NOT listed in order; neither were the prophecies originally written all in one book in order. I have shared the 3 similar lists in Matthew, Mark and Luke in blue first and many other references afterwards in black. This list is offered simply as a tool for you to discern how many of these prophecies have been fulfilled already, are being fulfilled right now or are possibly about to be fulfilled.


POLL: How many prophecies are fulfilled or are being fulfilled now?

Matt 24-25 Parallel warnings to God's elect in Matthew, Mark, Luke
Mark 13 Birth pangs of the "end"
Luke 21 Many false Christs, Messiahs, prophets deceive many
False Christs and prophets perform signs and miracles
[First seal in Rev 6:1-2]
More wars, strikes, revolutions, terrorists
[Second seal in Rev 6:3-4]
Famines (media predicts food shortages for 7 years)
[Third seal in Rev 5-6]
More earthquakes, tornados, natural disasters than ever
Believers, churches, ministries persecuted more
Believers also witness more to Kings, Presidents, governors
Believers and religions globally are hated for no reason
Believers turn away from Christ, deny Him, betray others
Betrayal by family, friends, co-workers, church leaders
Increase in wickedness, porn, child abuse, sensuality
Increase in satansim, witchcraft, wicca, cults, occult power
Fearful signs in the heavens, asteroids predicted
Shift in the earth's axis predicted (due to bombs ?)
True gospel preached to all as a witness to the nations
Then shall the end come - when you see the anti-christ
Nephilim giants (fallen angel hybrids) as in the days of Noah
Jerusalem surrounded by armies
Preparations to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem
Great tribulation all around the world like never before
[Fourth seal in Rev 6:7-8]
Jerusalem trampled by gentiles for awhile
Believers hated and killed for Christ's sake
[Fifth seal in Rev 6:9]
Jerusalem trampled by gentiles for awhile
Sun darkens [by dust?], moon does not shine, stars fall
[Sixth seal in Rev 6:12-17]
Severe ocean activity disturbs the nations
People faint with fear of super soldiers and fallen angels
Anti-Christ super soldiers assemble to fight Jesus Christ
Jesus will appear in the sky, the trumpet sounds
Angels gather God's elect or true believers
Many will ignore the signs, live for self and are left behind
Commencement of God's wrath; Seventh Seal in Rev 7:9-14
Rev 9:16 200,000,000 man army in the east (1960s in China)
Ezek 20, 36-37 The Lord leads Israelites back to Jerusalem
Gen 15:18 Abraham's descendents are given the land
Zeph 3:9 One pure language again in Israel (Hebrew a live language)
Rev 11, Dan 9 Temple sacrifices restored in Jerusalem
Num 19:2-7 Appearance of the red heifer after 2,000 years
Dan 12:4 Exponential increase in knowledge and travel
Ezek 38:2,4,8 The rise of Russia as a strong nation and military power
Rev 11:3, 7-10 Instant and live communication around the world
Technology allowing the two witnesses to be seen live
1 John 2:18 In the last hour, there will be many anti-christs
2 John 2:7 Anti-christs will not confess that Jesus is come in the flesh
Rev 12:11 A reign of terror lasts 1260 days
Rev 7:9-14 Great multitude delivered out of the Great Tribulation
Rev 13:16-17 Marked on their R hand and forehead (to buy and sell)
[Orlando was the first US city to embed biochip implants]
Daniel 2, 7 4th kingdom will rise again as the 5th (Babylon, EU, Roman)
Ten kings will come out of this kingdom (One World Order)
Another king will subdue 3 of the 10 kings
This king will oppress the saints for awhile
Daniel 12:1 The tribulation is the worst time in history
The angel Michael will protect the Jews
Faithful people will be delivered
Rev 6-16 Beast with 10 horns and 7 heads rises to power
Empowered by satan, attacks the saints for 42 months
Everyone follows him but those who are in the book of life
Rev 13-20 A false prophet arises to make the people worship the 1st beast
People are coerced to take the mark of the beast "666."
Dan. 11:36-45 Kings of the North and South will wage war
Northern King blasphemes God, invades Israel and others
Joel 3:2-21 All nations are judged based on how they treated the Jews
Zech 14:12 Plagues sent to nations who fought against Jerusalem
Rev 7 144,000 Jews sealed as servants of God
Rev 20 Satan gathers Gog and Magog to fight Jerusalem
Ezek 38-39 Gog, north of Israel, will attack Israel but is judged by God
Zech 14 The Lord gathers the nations to fight Jerusalem
Jerusalem plundered: 1/2 exiled, 1/2 remain
Dan 9, 12 Judgment 1260 days after, abomination of the temple
Zech 8, 12, 14 Jerusalem becomes the spiritual center of the world
Joel 3:31 The great and terrible Day of the Lord
Joel 3 This king will be judged and his power given to the saints
All rulers of all nations will worship Jesus Christ as LORD
Rev 16:13-21 Kings will gather around Armageddon for battle
1 Thess 4:17 Lord descends, dead in Christ rise first, then the living
2 Thess 2 The Day of the Lord will be preceded by:
the rebellion and falling away
the revelation of the man of lawlessness
he opposes and exalts himself over God
he sets himself up in God's temple as God
he is revealed when the Holy Spirit is taken out of the way
he deceives those who do not love the Truth
[Jesus will overthrow him and destroy him later]
Rev 19:7-10 Marriage supper of the Lamb
Rev 19:11-21 An earthquake more powerful than any other
Babylon receives God's wrath and 100 lb. hailstones
Rev 20:1-6 Saints rule and reign with Christ for 1,000 years
Rev 20:7-15 Satan loosed briefly after being locked in the pit 1,000 years
Satan deceives the nations again
Satan, God and Magog attack Jerusalem but fire comes down
Satan is thrown in the lake of burning sulfur forever
Great white thrown judgment for all not in the book of Life
Rev 21 The first heaven and earth will pass away
Isaiah 65:17 A new heaven, new earth and new Jerusalem
No temple but God will dwell with man
Rev 22 The nations are healed and the curse is lifted
Eternity with Father, Son and Holy Ghost for the saints

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