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Do You Need Pastoral Counseling?"

Many people who have already received a good measure of healing, ask for more healing prayer ministry. We are offering an opportunity to test yourself and to determine if you have areas that need more healing and freedom. Pastoral phone counseling will not only help heal you but will help to equip you to pray for others more effectively.

Most of the people who call us are ministers who are involved in Christian Counseling, are Christian Counselors or are prayer ministry volunteers themselves. They call us because they need effective ministry for themselves. This test yourself tool will help you pinpoint where you need more healing - more freedom, more life, more power, more faith etc. God's plan is for us to be healed so we will not be hurt people who hurt people.

If you would like to test yourself today, you can find out what percentage of the time are you believing what God's word says about you. Are you still basing your self-worth on your ability to please others and what others say about you? Are you up against a wall like fear, rejection, shame or guilt? Are you afraid to trust God? Do you know any "hurt people who hurt people" who you would like to refer to this page?

Checked box = sometimes or often Unchecked box = rarely or never

Because of fear, I often avoid participating in certain activities.
When I sense that I might experience failure, I become nervous and anxious.
I worry or feel a floating anxiety.
I am a perfectionist and procrastinate if I can't do it perfectly.
I am compelled to justify my mistakes or make my point heard.
There are certain areas where I must succeed or I become depressed.
I become angry with people who interfere with my success or competence.
I am self-critical.
I get nervous and avoid certain people who might reject me.
I am uncomfortable around those who are different from me.
It bothers me when someone is unfriendly to me.
I am basically shy but I try to determine what people think of me.
Sometimes I try to impress others.
I am critical of others.
I become depressed when someone criticizes me.
I don't know what motivates some people and I usually don't ask.
I fear what God might do to me or that He will punish me.
After I fail, I worry about God's response.
When I see someone with difficulties, I wonder what they did to deserve them.
When things go wrong, I tend to think that God must be punishing me.
When I fail, I am very hard on myself.
I get angry when someone who is immoral or dishonest prospers.
I tend to focus on the faults of others and want them to receive correction.
God seems harsh to me.
I often think about past failures or experiences of rejection.
There is guilt, shame, anger, or fear in my past that is still painful to me.
I seem to make the same mistakes over and over again.
There are aspects of my character that I don't believe I can ever change.
I feel inferior, flawed or defective.
I am get disgusted with myself.
I feel that certain experiences have basically ruined my life.
There are aspects of my appearance that I cannot accept.
I feel that I have lost the chance to experience a complete, wonderful life.
I doubt Prayers that Heal the Heart will help me.

(Test adapted from "Search for Significance" by Robert McGee)

Now total your score.
Fears and shame form a general backdrop and dominate your beliefs about yourself, God and others. 20-34 When you experience problems, your beliefs and decisions are still affected by fears, guilt, angers or shame from your past. 9-19: You usually walk in agreement with God's love and acceptance 1-8 (or you have suppressed your emotions or are greatly deceived about yourself!)

How did you do? Would you benefit from Pastoral Counseling? By Telephone? Would you rather have Restoration Prayer Ministry at Cross Walk Life?

We are also offering Restoration Prayer Ministry to those who live overseas (without long distance charges) via the free download at www.Skype.com. We can communicate computer to computer or computer to phone, if we exchange our IDs.

If you are involved in Christian Counseling, are Christian Counselors or are prayer ministry volunteers, be encouraged. Restoration Prayer Ministry is a perfect compliment to the Christian counseling approaches used by most Christian counselors and altar or prayer ministry volunteers. Our Christian counseling prayers uniquely equip Christian counselors with prayers that remove the spiritual roots to issues and minister to root level cause and effect.


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