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Do You Want to Come to
Cross Walk Life for
A Residential Internship?
Mentoring for Ministry?
Training to be Our Assistant?

(See the applications below)

We are delighted to offer on site mentoring, video class mentoring and Residential Ministry Internships for those who are called to the ministry or to marketplace ministers who are called to include ministry in their business and outreaches.

Our purpose is to provide a place for you to receive unconditional love, wisdom and insight so that you will develop such an intimate relationship with God, that you can impart His restoration and transformation to others, who will be able to better fulfill their callings, with adequate experience and training.

INTERVIEW: Dr. Sarah from Africa on benefits of interning

We are available to be a Christian mentor for you or your ministry teams, on site at your ministry or with mentoring for ministry internships here at Cross Walk Life. If you have ministers or team candidates who are called and gifted to minister, I am available to train them, if they meet the pre-requisites below.

Pre-requisites for mentoring with Cross Walk Life:

Personal commitment to Jesus Open, approachable and teachable
Called to prayer ministry by God Disciplined and responsible
Received 6 sessions of RPM*** Humble, forgiving and deferring
Two written Pastoral references Anointed by the Holy Spirit
Read Biblical Healing & Deliverance Heart to forgive and restore in grace
Donations: room, board, training Faithful without compensation
Filled with the Holy Spirit Passion for God; compassion for people
Armor bearer, sows into CWL Enroll in NowFaith.TV; read the texts

What qualities in a mentor are important to you?

Encourages you for your own good

Stands with you regardless

Asks, "What can I do to help you?"

Teaches you dependence on Christ in you

Is happy when you succeed more than they

Has the football 'team' concept

You feel comfortable and protected

Helps with no strings attached

Willing to admit their weaknesses

Is interested in what you are doing

Finds time to be available to you

Will bless you when you leave

Prays for you without ceasing

Is not threatened by your other
developing relationships

Willingly imparts spiritual gifts

Sees gifts and callings in you

Trusts you with (with room to fail)

Isn't afraid to discipline or correct

Has a heart to restore the broken

Will pay a debt they do not owe

Moves toward the current move of God

Will fellowship with other fathers

Willingly imparts all they have to you


  1. Humility - want God to reveal the logs in their own eyes first.

  2. Not defensive - know they are just human, with a long way to go.

  3. Open - consider changes that successful people suggest.

  4. Correctable - takes criticism to the Lord to see if it is partly true.

  5. Approachable - welcome others in with love and acceptance.

  6. Teachable - even in areas where they have much insight already.

  7. Disciplined - consistently pursue more ways to please the Lord.

  8. Anointed - will not minister without the anointing of God.

  9. Responsible - they do what the Father says to do as unto Him.

  10. Confident - that Christ in them can; never they alone can.

  11. Submitted - do not move in permissive will but wait to be sent.

  12. Forgiving - have a heart to restore rather than to take offense.

  13. Deferring - would honor the other vs. insist on their way.

  14. Serving - does what needs to be done no matter how small.

  15. Faithful - do not have to be thanked, noticed or compensated.

  16. Loyal - are careful not to touch God's glory - He is to be praised.

  17. Armor bearers - they lift up, support and serve their mentors.

  18. Loving - are known for their unconditional love and acceptance.

Certificates of completion are available after 6 months.

The first 4 weeks you will observe and learn vs. assist.

MODULE 1: Goals for months 1-2

  1. Receive 18 hours of Restoration Prayer Ministry yourself.

  2. Observe 18 hour RPM (6 sessions each) at least 6 times.

  3. Learn from our RPM training manual and resources.

  4. Attend Issue-Focused Prayer Ministry Training Seminar.

  5. Define Personal Purpose / adjust your Personality Style.

  6. Expand basic office, computer and administrative skills.

  7. Complete semester 1 of NowFaith.TV Training School.

  8. Learn to hear God's voice to minister in His anointing.

  9. Semester break to rest or travel or spend time with family

MODULE 2: Goals for months 3-4

  1. Assist with RPM and prepare to lead RPM sessions

  2. Activate in personal ministry using various spiritual gifts.

  3. Activating Spiritual Gifts and Activations in Evangelism.

  4. Attend Dreams and Visions or Spiritual Roots Seminars.

  5. Assist us as we lead teaching and training seminars.

  6. Learn intermediate office/computer/web site skills.

  7. Complete semester 2 of NowFaith.TV Training School

  8. Clarify your vision, mission and scope of your ministry

  9. Semester break to rest or travel or spend time with family.

MODULE 3: Goals for months 5-6

  1. Lead RPM sessions as Carlotta mentors you.

  2. Practical community outreach as you hear God for others.

  3. Attend advanced Ministry and Healing for Abuse Seminar.

  4. Advanced personal ministry and prophetic ministry.

  5. Learn advanced office, computer and web building skills

  6. Complete semester 3 of NowFaith.TV Training School

  7. Spiritual Power and Authority seminar and activations.

  8. Minister on ministry trips to churches or other ministries.

  9. Foundations / legal aspects for expanding your ministry.

  10. Spend the Holidays with your church and family!

Apply to be our assistant if you are called to stay here long term and have computer tech, web tech and ministry skills.)

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