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Rev. Carlotta Waldmann, M.A.
and Rev. Lou Waldmann, lll

In 1993, God began to reveal the lies and blocks in my own life. I knew that no amount of analysis could make me free and God began to restore me by teaching me higher truths -- His truths. I realized that I could invite Jesus, the Spirit of Truth to heal me, restore me and set me free to fulfill my God given destiny with new power. Now I am "experiencing Truth" everyday, that was only theory before. I have a whole new positive identity based on God's Truth instead of a false identity based on lies.

I (Carlotta) always wanted to be free and to see others set free to reach their potential:
to see the "stuck" places in their lives removed. So much of the time and money had already been wasted in going to counselors and ministers who were not trained adequately. As a mental health nurse (off and on for 25 years) I wondered, "When will all this counseling take effect?" It was time to admit that these methods were not working. I was "walking down the same street and stepping in the same holes again."

When I met Lou Waldmann, I knew that he had an exceptional heart of compassion
and a passion to set people free form the strongholds that grip their lives. Lou brings keen insights regarding the keys to freedom and power that we all need. We never imagined that we would be able to help people to be set free this quickly. We consider it an honor to partner with God in ministry as He supernaturally restores and transforms lives.

Our vision has been to encourage people to believe when Jesus comes to touch them personally, during ministry, they will finally be healed, restored and set free. Its our privilege to partner with Him in His awesome plan for each one to be trained and equipped to fulfill their God given destiny. Our mission is to provide a place for people to receive the unconditional love, wisdom and insight in order to have this intimate relationship with Jesus and to experience lasting transformation, that will enable them to fulfill their God-given destiny.

Cross Walk Life, Inc. does this by providing personal Restoration Prayer Ministry,
healing groups, teaching and training -- all on a donation basis. We serve churches by assisting Pastors with their teaching, training and prayer counseling load. We also provide seminars, workshops and college courses continuously.

Credentials: Lou Waldmann is a licensed and ordained minister, certified with the CI Business Network, with LifeShapers, Int., in Prison Ministry and is a carpenter. Carlotta is an ordained minister, Registered Nurse, holds a Bachelors in Theology and is currently pursuing her Masters in Ministry. She has been certified with several ministries:

Master of Arts, Biblical Studies and Christian Counseling
by Tallahassee Christian College and Training Center

Bachelor of Theology with certification in personal ministry by:
Christian International College 

Prophetic Teams Leader and Minister at Christian International Ministries at http://www.cimn.net

Certified as a Counseling Team Member by:
Proclaiming His Word, Inc. 

Certified in Prayer Ministry and facilitating video schools by:
Elijah House Inc. International 

Global Team Teacher for How to Hear God’s Voice by 
Christian Leadership University at www.cluonline.com


Speaking Bio:

Carlotta Waldmann founded Cross Walk Life, Inc. in 2000 and has been teaching others how to hear God's voice ever since. She is a Bible College educator, a retired Registered Nurse and holds a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies and Christian Counseling. Carlotta has been certified in personal ministry with Christian International, Elijah House International and Proclaiming His Word. She and her husband, Lou, are both ordained with the Christian International Apostolic Network. Currently they live in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Carlotta has a heart to teach the nations in every way possible and does so via radio, her YouTube channel, videos and live training and activation seminars. She has an itinerate Para-church ministry, teaching and training ministry teams for churches. In 2006, Carlotta was certified to join the global teaching team to teach "How to Hear God's Voice" for Christian Leadership University

She is also known for her strong prophetic gift, Restoration Prayer Ministry, Tearing Down Personal Strongholds series and teaching the Elijah House School of Prayer Counseling Ministry. Her personal purpose is to provide insights so that everyone will have an intimate relationship with God, know their true identity "in Christ" and be equipped to manifest the power of God. Please visit their site at www.cwlinc.com and contact her.

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Cross Walk Life, Inc. is here to provide insights, healing, teaching and training,
so that you can develop a more intimate relationship with Father God and
have the passion of Christ, to be equipped to fulfill your God given destiny.

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