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NowFaith.TV Advanced Ministry Training Lesson # 5
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I clearly remember interviewing a former witch who impressed upon me the importance of really really believing who we are in Christ.  She said that witches have their own discernment and they could discern what 1-2 people in a church "really knew who they were in Christ."  I was never so motivated to start really believing all that the Word of God says about my identity in Christ, as I have been since that night in 2000.  Yes, I had read the Father's Love Letter and other lists but I still managed to say, "Yes but" when God would want to do greater works through me.
It takes the faith to believe that we will do greater works than Jesus did - whether we are believing for our daily bread, healing or working of miracles.   It can be more challenging to believe what the Word of God says about who we are in Christ:  righteous, blameless,  holy, unconditionally loved and accepted and totally forgiven ...

The best way to root out areas where you do not believe  God, is to pray related scriptures daily until your doubt and unbelief is exposed in light of the Word.  We have recorded 16 pages of declarations and scriptures related to who we believers are in Christ.  We can believe our true identity in Christ because of what Jesus did for us on the cross.  We invite you to pray in agreement with us and the Word for identity breakthrough around the world.

When Lou and I are desperate for breakthrough, we declare many related scriptures and Lou blows his trumpet - like one would blow a shofar.  (Hopefully, we will have a shofar next time.)  These truths are recorded and ready for you to declare, to receive and to release to a hurting world. 

You can push play and declare them in corporate agreement with us and with our listeners from 83 nations.  This will take a commitment but you will begin to believe you are the mighty man or woman of God that God says you are.  What a great way to start and end the day!  Agree with the Word like Jesus did for 40 days and it will not come back void.

Hear both audios at www.NowFaith.TV


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