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Restoring Relationships Seminar Testimonies

"Restoring Relationships" is an ideal series for churches, individuals, inmates and families! We use John and Paula Sandford's book "Restoring the Christian Family" and other resources. You will use these transforming handouts and insights in ministry of all kinds in your Christian Education.

  • Healing childhood wounds

  • Transforming hearts of stone

  • One in Spirit with Him

  • Our differences - Our strengths

  • Importance of Fathers

  • Roots of Bitterness

  • Negative Expectations

  • The Law or the Spirit? 

Rise up as an eagle: I have learned many tools to assist me in the foundation of my family and the upbringing of my daughter. Some of the tools I have studied are: how to balance your family with Christ at the center, the importance of a mother and father to their children and rising up as an eagle in your Christian walk. Although, these are the teachings that have stood out to me, this course has many facets to draw strength and understanding. I have thoroughly enjoyed your teachings and will draw from them for many years to come. I am excited to begin to see the results of many prayers and to be able to serve my family. Thank you and God bless.

Listen with my heart: I have learned that the best teacher is my own actions and being the head of the house doesn’t mean I rule, but that I serve. By humbling myself I serve my family the best. Also I am to pray and come out of my prayer closet and share with my wife and son. My leadership is guidance from God and by praying to Him and asking for His guidance, I can better serve my family. Through His grace I can set a great example for my son to follow. I can also help my wife in our life together. Her and my son are the greatest gifts, next to my salvation, that He could have given me. Time at the dinner table is a must because we can all give thanks together and come together in fellowship about our life events. I’ve also learned that I must listen to what my son and wife are saying even if they’re not telling me. Through God’s grace I can listen with my heart and not just my ears. I have come to trust my heart and actions because I know God is leading this house and is restoring a good Christian family. Thank You.

One flesh: This class has really sparked my imagination in what my family life should be like. It touched me to see how close the families in the bible were. I always provided and claimed to be the man of the house, but I did it for my own ego and selfish need to be in control. I didn’t nurture my family or raise my children up in the Word of God. The practice of saying prayers out loud with my wife especially touched me. I always considered prayer to be private and intimate and I still do, but I see that as one in flesh is exactly that: intimate, caring, nurturing, tender, patient, loving. These are all things that I’m working on right now. I treat it like physical exercise, only spiritually. I meditate on how I want to be and then I practice. Although, I know what it is I want is not easy. The bible says to be obedient to God and through that comes spiritual fruit from Jesus. So, by memorizing the Word of God and getting back up when life bucks me, I’m trying to reflect Jesus in all I do and know through my faith it will all work out. I love Jesus and I praise His name! Thank you for your course.

Communication: I have learned God must be first in your life in order to accomplish the responsibilities that the man has in a Christian family. You can buy your family the world, but you are still not doing what God intends for you to do. I’ve learned that a man of God must lead His family to God and He must live by example. Drugs and alcohol have no room in a family because it will only cause problems in your life and in the lives of your family. You have to let God work on that heart of stone that we’ve grown over the years of tough times, to a heart of flesh. Many of us have had very difficult young lives and we’ve closed off the trust and love avenues in our life. We must work to keep or even learn this way of life again. Communication is the most valuable part of a marriage partnership. You have to be able to share whatever with your soul mate, good things or not so good. Listening is very important, because a good leader knows how to listen to a problem and weigh the sides in order to make a proper decision.

Step by step: Thank you for helping me to see what I need to do as a father to raise my daughter in the right ways and through God. As a single father, this teaching and book helped me to be a better father, step by step.

Gentle hands: This class has opened my eyes to my mistakes and down falls of being a good father. It’s a good thing though, because you have to know your faults and mistakes in order to become a better father. It goes deeper than just you. It goes back to your father and mother. You must understand the mistakes your parents in order to move on. To be a good, loving father, you have to close that open wound that your father or mother have opened in you. You have to forgive and open your heart to them. Then you’ll be able to raise your kids in a healthy and lovable family. I’ve also learned to respect your wife and handle her and your kids with gentle hands. You should listen to your wife and communicate with her. You also have to be her best friend. A household without a male figure is one of the hardest ways to raise a family. That’s why I learned my family needs me there. I am the most important member in the family, because the kids need the male guidance. The family needs me there to be the provider, the protector and the head of the household. The wife is the nest-builder. Love, God and communication make up the ingredients for a good Christian family.

Priceless: As a father of two, this has been a wonderful experience for me! I’ve learned so many valuable things from the course that I will use for the rest of my life and in my walk with God. You are an inspiration to me and so many others here. These resources are a priceless asset to our Christian community. Thank you so much!

Make a choice: I’ve learned that it’s me that has to make that choice to change direction in life and people. I have a whole other outlook on life that I didn’t know existed. Now knowing these things I have a better chance of making the mother of my two children very happy. She has already seen the change in my letters to her. She told me she was ready to throw in the towel, but my letters changed her mind. This class has made me see everything in a different and positive manner to live and treat my love. She is my best friend and I can’t wait to hold her hand.



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