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                 Fourth Year: Hot Interviews                 
                 Semester One


Prophet Bill Yount: Stones of Remembrance # 1
Apostle Diane Nutt: Healing and Deliverance after Abuse # 2
Apostle Diane Nutt: The Glory of God # 3
For your homework for these interviews, we want a candid
assessment of these new teachings. Are they Biblical? from God?
Katie Souza - Ascending into the Supernatural # 4
Katie Souza - Banking in the Glory Realm # 5
Seer Jonathan Welton - "The School of the Seers" # 6
Apostle Diane Nutt: Deceivers, False Teachers and False Prophets # 7
Prophet Dennis Cramer - 12 Amazing
Prophetic Words and More on Prophetic Protocol
# 8
Dr. Barbie Breathitt - Dream Encounters & Interpretations # 9
Apostle Diane Nutt - Knowing Jesus Intimately in His Glory # 10
Dr. Mark Virkler part 2 - "Prayers That Heal the Heart" # 11
Interview Article: Dr. Mark Virkler - How to Hear God's Voice
Dr. Mark Virkler part 3 - "Spirit Born Creativity" # 12
Interview Article: Dr. Mark Virkler - Spirit Born Creativity
Dr. Jim Davis - "Redefining the Role of Women in the Church" # 13
Audio 1 Audio 2
Apostle Diane Nutt - Raising Up Women in Five-fold Ministry # 14
Audio 1 Audio 2


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