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This testimony was sent by Pastor Thomas Jeffers who hosted an Issue-Focused Activation Seminar at his church, Living Tree Baptist Church, near San Antonio, Texas. Previously he had invited Rev. Pat Torok to lead the worship for his revival and she recommended that he invite me, Carlotta, to lead a training seminar.

Pastor Thomas shares how he volunteered to be the "demo" for the training seminar, meaning he allowed Carlotta to minister to him "live" in front of his congregation, demonstrating issue-focused ministry. His humility to receive ministry for himself opened the door for God's healing power to over-flow to his congregation.

His purpose was to provide an opportunity for his flock to be taught and trained to do effective issue-focused prayer ministry. He chose an issue from his childhood, thinking it was a safe issue to use in the demo because surely it was healed already. He said God, however, had a second purpose: to heal and restore the Pastor!

Most of you who are called to ministry will relate to his fears. Because of negative words that were spoken over him in childhood (i.e. You are a jinx.) he said he felt an "unhealthy" pressure to prove himself, to succeed and to perform well in ministry. He was afraid that if he fell, new converts would backslide or fall away from Jesus.

He shares his surprise when God showed him that this "word curse" was still affecting his adult life and ministry. He, like many of us, wanted to believe that he was free of this childhood issue. (Many ministers are not experiencing the fulfillment in ministry that they could if they would only choose to receive healing for themselves with Restoration Prayer Ministry.)

I wasn't surprised. I minister to ministers and have seen literally hundreds of ministers set free as God is faithful to reveal and heal the root causes of their worries, doubts and fears. Yes, we are "saved" the moment we pray and repent of our sins, believe for salvation and invite Jesus Christ in as our Lord and Savior -- BUT healing is a process. Ministry is NOT safe for those who are NOT healed, NOT restored and NOT equipped to fight the real enemy.

WHO would admit a need for ministry?

Statistics show that that 1,600 pastors are leaving the ministry each month in the U.S. and 84% of their spouses are discouraged or are dealing with depression. 90% also knew pastors who were forced out. 70% are isolated and have no one that they call a close friend and confidant. 80% of Bible school graduates that go on to full-time ministry are no longer in ministry within five years. Most new ministers stay in full-time ministry less than 18 months.

The top 3 reasons ministers leave the ministry are conflict, transition to a specialty in ministry and burnout according to statistics. Most missionaries reportedly go home because they can't get along with the other missionaries and the devil wins! I would say the top reason is that they didn't receive ministry for themselves!

Those called to ministry need:

  1. Unconditional love and acceptance for themselves!

  2. Transparent relationships; trusted intercessors

  3. Insights and healing for their doubts and fears

  4. Healing from attacks/lies about their identity

  5. Appropriate comfort and healing for their hurts

  6. Freedom from addictions to inappropriate comfort

  7. New intimacy with their spouse and family

  8. Restoration from adversities God has allowed

  9. New confidence and ability to trust God

  10. Forgiveness and ability to forgive their enemies

  11. Follow-up Restoration Ministry regularly

  12. Mentoring from committed spiritual advisors

God has anointed us to minister to ministers who truly are paid too little and work too much, are burned out emotionally and physically, never have weekends off, are chewed up and spit out by their own, are constantly compared to other ministers and are then expected to be all things to all people 24 hours, 7 days a week!!

The enemy of our souls is committed to steal, kill and destroy those who are called. Actually that would be every born again believer. The devil wants you to worry about what people think, defend your strongholds and to pretend you are OK, so he can keep you from receiving effective healing restoration ministry. Ask Father God to make a way for you to receive!

Unhealed hurts + ungodly beliefs = failure

Ask God if this is your season for healing with Restoration Prayer Ministry. He is ready to loose you from the heavy chains that have held you back. His heart is to empower you with His forgiveness, unconditional love and acceptance, mentoring, healing relationships, new peace and His power, presence and anointing!!

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