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When Cross Walk Life, Inc. first began, I Carlotta,
was surprised to see that God was bringing mostly ministers to receive Restoration Prayer Ministry. I had received prophetic words that I would be a minister to ministers (and ministers to be.) Within two years I saw a definite increase in the number of survivors of abuse who came for these six sessions of Restoration Prayer Ministry.

What a pleasure as God began to reveal valuable keys to healing and restoration for survivors of abuse. Now we have added a whole Survivors Home Page just for the many survivors that God is calling to be end-times ministers. He is transforming their true grit into strength in Him and their former weaknesses into strengths. Where they thought their identity had been stolen, God is giving them back their true identity, based on His Truth about them. Their worth is no longer based on what people have done or said but they are learning they were made worthy by what Jesus did on the Cross. As God takes the pain out of their memories, He leaves them with His wisdom and anointing to minister in those areas.

In this phone interview, Kim describes how the satan tried to destroy her life with physical - sexual - emotional abuse, deception, and abandonment. She discerned the strategy of the enemy to destroy her identity and God's desire to restore her. Although she had received some healing, she needed more due to growing wedge between herself and God.

Kim said she felt like a hobbled horse who had great potential but could not get free to serve the Lord as she believed she could. She knew she needed help and if she could just get free, she felt the possibilities to serve God were endless. [Carlotta adds: Kim has many natural and spiritual gifts and especially those related to knowing God's voice.]

She expresses her gratitude that God sustained her, connected her with Rev. Pat and then Pat referred her to Carlotta for Restoration Prayer Ministry. She detailed how important it was to learn to ask forgiveness 5 ways in order to really get healed and free.

Kim had been deceived by many lies of the enemy at home. One was that she had to work all her relationships from both ends all by herself. Now she is free to "do her part" as God directs and to leave the rest to God and to the others involved.

The enemy had her trying to meet everyone's standards in order to earn their love and acceptance. Her spirit was held captive by deceptions that were isolating her from God, others and even from her real self. She began to try to receive God's love and protection even though many people had used and abused her. As she purposed to release all the people who had hurt her to God, she was then free to sow good seed into her current relationships and to reap very good relationships. Now she has more and more opportunities to minister God's love and acceptance.

Her husband says there is a night and day difference since Kim received God's restoring power into her life. She is now asked to pray for others and imparts faith to them to believe that God will restore them too. Immediately after God restored her, people began to ask her what had happened to her because they could see God's glory on her face.



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