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Believers must learn to pray for survivors of sexual violence. Statistics say 1 out of 3 females and 1 out of 7 males have suffered from unwanted sexual contact. This means that 20% of the people at your church, school, business, club, market, etc. need effective prayer ministry for healing from sexual trauma.

In this recorded interview, you have an opportunity to learn from two ladies who have been victims of sexual assault or rape in the past. Between them, they also have 12 years of experience in confidential ministry to victims of sexual violence. While we felt it best not to reveal their full identities or location, they are available to minister. They are very transparent about the effects of rape, the long range impact and what helps and doesn't help victims to heal.

It was my honor to lead a training seminar for those who were called to minister healing at the Healing Rooms. These teams are trained and ready to minister to survivors by appointment.


Sexual assaults can involve include sexual contact from unwanted touch all the way to brutal rape. No matter what has happened, it still has an effect on the victim. Every sexual assault hurts the victim. Secular therapists may say, "This incident has changed her life; it will never be the same." They say how she copes with it will depend on her willingness to move through "the process." They caution that this process is painful and difficult, but she can become stronger and wiser for it.

This table summarizes stages of grief without Christ and our Restoration Prayer Ministry. The second table reveals how much more thorough healing with Holy Spirit led restoration ministry is. Listen to the recorded interview as they compare the healing process with and without healing prayer ministry.


1. SHOCK Not feeling anything. Not thinking clearly.
2. DENIAL That the event never even happened. That it didn’t bother the victim

Myself - If only I didn’t… I should have… I shouldn’t have...
Family - Not protecting... Knowing... Believing... Caring
Others - If he didn’t… He should have… He shouldn’t have…

Avoiding people, depression, acting out, self-medication, isolation
Feeling, sad, fearful, confused, unworthy, less than, not good enough
Loss of identity, of sleep, of boundaries, of peace and suicidal feelings


At self - scattered thinking, over reaction, self-abuse, self-mutilation
At others - anybody and anything, the perpetrator, family
At God - for not preventing, not rescuing, not healing me yet
At the problems - isolation, damaged self-esteem, ruined life
At the devil - living in darkness, nightmares, torment
At not belonging, not fitting in, not accepted, not believed
6. ACCEPTANCE Of myself, others and my family as they are
Healthy relationships and involved in the community
Allowing myself to enjoy having company
8. ROLES I am a victim; I am a survivor; I am coping


1. SPIRIT-LED To a spirit-led restoration prayer minister
To the comfort of the Holy Spirit and Father God
To communion with Christ as we grieve
2. HIS HEALING Supernatural healing of Jehovah Rapha, our Healer
Healed with prayer vs. analysis and self-effort
Wholeness: spirit, soul (mind-will-emotions) and body
Free from false accusation blame, false guilt
3. HIS FREEDOM From shame, torment, fear, depression, anxiety
Our weak places are made strengths in Christ
From personal strongholds i.e. rejection, fears
Boundaries and supernatural angelic protection
4. FORGIVENESS For others, family, myself and God vs. chained to unforgiveness, bitterness, blame or resentment forever
Ability to release the perpetrator(s) to God to judge
Freedom from hatred of the opposite sex
5. TRUE IDENTITY Dignity based on God's Truth vs. just self-esteem
Self-acceptance, self-love, self-appreciation in Christ
We are His children, heirs, ambassadors
Wholeness instead of fragmentation or dissociation
6. RENEWED MIND Free of ungodly beliefs, deceptions, lies
Free of downward spirals, obsessions, compulsions
God's Truth and perfect love drives out fear
Hearing God vs. the torment of the enemy
7. RESTORED SOUL Freedom to tell, talk, ask, share, feel, desire, be real
Ability to care, dream, hope, live and to be creative
True prosperity - in my spirit, soul and body
Able to allow God to restore every area of my life
Believe in my God-given gifts, calling and my destiny
8. DELIVERANCE From bondages, addictions, destructive cycles
From walls preventing fulfilling relationships
From demonic oppression, terrors, nightmares
From disorders and dependence on prescriptions
8. PEACE & REST Peace and rest in my security in Jesus Christ
Complete and filled with the Spirit, lacking nothing
Freedom from racing, obsessive thoughts
9. HIS POWER Assertiveness for initiatives from Father God
Empowered with spiritual power and authority
God-given hopes and dreams fulfilled in His power
Power to maintain my healing and freedom in Christ
10. INTIMACY Genuine healing frees me to enjoy genuine intimacy
Healthy satisfying relationship with my partner
Trusting intimate relationship with my Savior

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