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NowFaith.TV Advanced Ministry Activations # 4

Learn how to minister more effectively as you hear the testimonies of our clients and of those who received ministry on our ministry trips. In each broadcast, we will feature an email testimony praising God for His love and intervention. You will learn how God led us to minister healing and how we prayed to break the power of the cycles in their life - cycles that are not in line with God's Truth and His best. Hear her rejoice as she is back on track with God's purposes and her true identity in Him.

This testimony was sent by a young woman whom Pat has been mentoring for two years. She shares about the abusive cycles in her marriage and how God sent Rev. Pat into her life to minister healing, radical restoration and freedom.

She wrote: "Before I was saved I was so lost. I was in a verbally abusive relationship with a man I loved more than anything in the world. Through that time I lost focus of everything that was important to me. I gave up my family and friends for this man. On a day to day basis he would say anything he could to hurt me and I still stayed. I had gotten pregnant and thought maybe after the baby he would step up, but it got worse. Then I got pregnant again and he swore he would change and stop cheating and hurting me. I cried practically everyday through my pregnancies.

I would pray and pray but it was always for the wrong thing. During this time, I got an STD from him (cheating on me) and he tried to blame me. I even had to get my babies tested since at the time I was breast feeding both of them because they were only a year apart. I was completely faithful to this man and he tried to accuse me!! I lost my job through all of this, fought with him everyday and it put a huge strain on my family. I was at rock bottom. I did not see a way out and every time I tried to leave he kept convincing me to come back. It was a vicious abusive cycle and all it did was leave me broken and lifeless.

All my joy was robbed from me and I was so depressed. What should have been the happiest time of my life and was on one level was horrible. Don't get me wrong my babies brought tons of joy to my life but there was always that "elephant in the living room." I had to watch everything I said or did, just trying not to set him off. Well after it got so bad I got a PFA and then he decided to join the marines and he left.

During that time I met a wonderful ambassador of God, Rev. Pat, who gave me her card. I called her the next day and we met in a church which is actually the church I attend now. She prayed for me and my deliverance. For the first time in years I felt alive and joyful and light. While she was praying I had tears streaming down my face and my feet were so planted to the ground I could not move. I will never forget that day. It was two years ago on November 20th ....

Since that day, God has shown me so many things and led me in so many different directions. I was transformed. I use to cuss and do so many things that I would not even think about doing now. What more can I say but our God is an awesome God and once you let him into your heart, your life can change like a whirlwind. And even when you don't know it, God is turning things your way. Now I can think of specific incidents when God reached out to me but I ignored him before I was saved because I didn't know any better.

Don't ever ignore that. God will move you. God can take you from any circumstance and put you in His care. He can make you like new. The ride has not always been a whirlwind. I have had my highs and lows but I will never lose focus of Him. I will never stop praying and never stop trusting. He is my God, my Redeemer, my Savior, my everything."

To hear how we ministered to her and how we prayed, L click the audio link to hear it or R click the link to save it and to burn it to a CD.

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