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NowFaith.TV Ministry Training School
Year 3 Semester 1 #6 at www.NowFaith.TV


In this third semester of www.NowFaith.TV, we are sharing true stories of ministry to real people with challenging ministry situations. This week, we are sharing how to minister the love and saving grace of God to people with life-styles which often lead to AIDS or death. If you would like to be a demonstration of God's love rather than of condemnation, read on. The Bible says Jesus came not to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. Our purpose is to minister healing and restoration in Jesus Christ to anyone who will repent, believe and receive Jesus Christ.

You must hear this interview with Barbara, whose son did not tell her that he was HIV+ until he had full blown AIDS. She shares how she loved him and his friends with God's love and acceptance, while sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Barbara shares the great impact that our words have on others. Gerald came back to the Lord and his friend is healed, free and a minister of the gospel now. After Gerald passed away, Barbara felt that the Lord was asking her to fulfill the calling that the He had given to Gerald.


Here are pictures of Gerald before he developed AIDS and after. He said that if he lived, his passion would be to fulfill God's call to urge others not to put themselves at risk with any lifestyle that usually leads to AIDS.

Many Christians who want to love someone with AIDS, could learn a lot from this interview. Would you know how to demonstrate God's love and acceptance? Do you know how to minister true repentance and restoration in Jesus to those who want to believe for freedom in Christ?


  • Love someone who insists on choosing a high risk life-style?
  • Forgive someone who lied about their life-style for a decade?
  • Love someone who is gay and feeling very isolated and lonely?
  • Love someone who abuses drugs in order to mask their pain?
  • Love someone who has had hundreds of partners while HIV+?
  • Share Christ with someone who wants out of their life-style?
  • Employ them or rent to them after they are HIV+?
  • Disciple them/their friends with God's love and acceptance?
  • Patiently teach them to receive their true God given identity?
  • Be there for them while they develop AIDS/other illnesses?
  • Love someone who often lies to deal with their diagnoses?
  • Love someone who has had life long gender confusion?
  • Take the risk of being falsely accused of being homophobic?

Do you believe God is willing to forgive anyone who truly repents and turns to Jesus Christ for healing and transformation? Do you believe that Jesus will permanently deliver them from drug abuse, or deceptive life-styles or an alternative life-style?

If you need someone to listen to you, pray with you, stand with you or teach you how to love someone who seems to be making self-destructive choices, please contact us. If you want Barbara to contact you, just email me and ask me to forward your email to Barbara. We do not try to force anyone to change but if you are not happy in your life-style and want to believe that Jesus will make you free, contact us.



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