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NowFaith.TV Advanced Training Lesson #31
Why I, Carlotta, love journaling:

I believe Father God called David a man after His own heart because David loved to commune with God and to write his conversations with God. How do I journal? I simply 1. get still before God, 2. fix my eyes on Jesus, 3. wait for His spontaneous voice and 4. write my prayers and His responses.

Most of the time, I mainly listen to Him and write His revelation, hoping He will go on and on. This sample is mainly what Jesus clarified for me about "Christ in You" in my devotions last week. Many times, He has reminded me that He really is living through me, my mouth, my mind, my heart, my arms ... in my hands ...

To them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles: which is CHRIST IN YOU, the hope of glory. Col 1:27 NKJV

In this video/audio, I share some of my testimony as I was learning that Jesus Christ is living His life from inside me. I struggled to believe promises that didn't seem to work consistently for me. My passion was to "know Him," His voice, His will, His ways and His plan for me.

Students have asked, "What is the secret?" I say that in the past, I asked for what Father God had already promised, hoping to someday receive it. Now I believe that I already have all that He has promised and I only need to learn to release it. In Christ, we already have everything we need for life and Godliness, we are complete lacking nothing and we can do all things in Him. Our problem is that we doubt that we have it all in Him.

In part two, I share some journaling and His revelations.

Jesus: Remember to reckon yourself dead to the flesh, the devil and to legalism. Every "ought" can become a legalism. I gave you a calling and commission to cause you to turn to Me (inside you) because only I can fulfill your destiny through you. I gave the law as a tutor to teach you that you can't keep it in your own strength; you must turn to me.

Carlotta: Shouldn't we try to fulfill our commission?

Jesus: If you receive the commission as being addressed to both your new nature in you and to Me, Christ in you, you will not fall into performance in your own strength.
With temptation to break My law, it will be similar. If you wrestle with that temptation as a separate lonely you, you will fall into fleshly performance or just sin. If you face temptation as a unified "Christ-in-Me" you will always succeed in the power of My Spirit. I will always make a way of escape. 1 Corinthians 10:13

Carlotta: Forgive me, Lord, for yielding to fleshly fear or anxiety, pressures and self-protection. I receive your protection and focus on you, knowing satan is a liar and a bluff. I gave him power when I focused on his illusions of "what if this?" or "what if that?"

Jesus: Feelings come automatically: hurts, fears, lusts, jealousies, angers, etc. Emotions are a feeling plus a belief, i.e.: I have a right to continue to feel hurt, unforgiveness, fear instead of faith, anger and sin, jealousy vs. security in Christ. Flesh is an automatic reaction of self-preservation, promotion or self-priorities. It may be a negative initial reaction or a selfish motivation. Sin is the choice to continue in that negative/sinful reaction. Carnality is "sin + time."

Carlotta: "When I am weak, then I am strong." Not I am made strong, or become stronger or seek for strength. In You, I am strong.

Jesus: Weak human, sinful or negative reactions are an opportunity to exercise faith in your oneness with Me. You walk out of the temptation in your own strength into a demonstration of My strength and My heart, love, compassion, Kingdom priorities and My power.

Carlotta: We are created with fleshly human tendencies so that we are on a stage set for making choices. We are either a demonstration of choosing to live in weakness or Christ's strength in us.
If at first, we start to react out of separated thinking: inferiority, insecurity, doubt, fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, rejection etc. that is only the starter. What makes the difference between sin and spirit-filled strength is how we choose to continue. Will we choose doubts and fear or faith?
Will I choose to choose to live out of my personal spirit who is one with His Spirit? Will I react out of separated thinking? Will I believe I am incomplete? Or will I rest in Him who is my all in all -- knowing I am more than complete in Him? Can I do all things through Him?

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ,
Eph 1:3 NKJV

The Second Work of Grace

Jesus: I will send you many to counsel who are dying to their own strength. You will think it is compassion to quickly comfort them, rescue them or speak resurrection life to them. But, I would have you just stand by them while they die to their flesh and rest in the tomb for 3 days. I will raise them up when they are truly at the end of their fleshly strength.
Many have a heart to minister but they are not truly submitted to the Holy Spirit or the authorities I would place over them. They would even play the Holy Spirit in the lives of others, trying to force them come to repentance. They are impatient with others because actually they have not died to their own supposed strength.

Carlotta: Yes, Lord. There is a radical turning point where (by the grace of God) we come to the end of our stressing and straining, to the end of our rope. We bring our perfectionism, our performance, our ability, to the Cross to be crucified. We no longer force others to see Truth but we humbly partner with you Lord, as you gently convict them.

Jesus: Many have said they were already crucified with Christ, but now their faith is finally in My supernatural power to minister through them vs. their ability to do it FOR ME. I never push My sheep.

Carlotta: Yes, but You spent years walking us into ADVERSITIES, frustrating situations, and challenges that were sure to elicit a fleshly reaction or an absolute surrender to You. We would beg for grace that You had already given. We would speak doubts that we have the fruit or gifts vs. speak faith that we already have it all in You. We seemed to swing from doubt to arrogance vs. just resting in You to do it through us.
We were double-minded, seeing life though our own eyes instead of Your eyes. We would declare Your Truth, wait a few hours and then speak worry and anxiety. Instead of seeing life with a "single-eye" believing You work all things for good, we would call it good if it looked like You were in control and call it bad if it looked like the devil was in control. You taught us to see life with a "single-eye" knowing You are always in control.
Finally You would allow a crisis of such magnitude that we have to believe Your Truth, see it with Your eyes, and release Your power. Praise God! Fiery trials drive us to Christ in us, our all in all.

You can't kill your flesh; surrender it to Jesus. Rom. 6:4

Jesus: You were buried with Me through baptism unto death in order that you too may have new life.
Most people experience two or more great infillings – because they were not taught to seek the fullness of the Holy Spirit at salvation. They are not led to press in for the full surrender to the power of the Holy Ghost when they were born again. Salvation was all they knew.
Thus they are saved but left to do exactly what I did not plan: to try do their best, do it for Me, to live for Jesus. They flounder, half-drowning in the rapids of self-effort, wondering why the Christian life is so difficult. They don't have the other half of what should have been one single experience.
I, Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit are one and we should all be LORD at once, enabling us to live in full communion with them. I, Jesus redeem you and every experience you have had. As you die with Me, you are raised to newness of life, in the glorious power of the Holy Spirit. Your fears leave as we walk together in the Father's perfect love.

Carlotta: What we need most of all is deliverance, not from demons alone, but from our own independent self. Our greatest freedom comes not just as freedom from the law of sin but also from freedom from our independent "separated thinking." And we accused You of being far away.
We are commanded to reckon ourselves dead to sin but most of us commence to focus on sin. We become like what we focus on -- the law of sin. We are to reckon ourselves dead to sin because sin will never be dead to us. Our flesh must still go to the cross daily, believing You died to enable us to die with You so we could be raised up in Your life. (Rom. 6)
Show me Lord, when you have someone dying to their flesh in the tomb for three days. When they come for prayer counseling they ask for prophetic words, encouragement, to be raise up, to be comforted, to be enabled to live the life. I choose to hear You when You say it is time for them to finally die to their flesh, to let every talent, gift, ability, knowledge, etc. Still my tongue when You want me to merely stand by them while they die and lay in the tomb for 3 days. I can do nothing but stand aside while the Holy Spirit brings their "self effort" to death. Then He alone can raise them up. You alone can make them one in Spirit with You.

After beginning with the Spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort? Gal. 3:3

Then He raises us up in His life

Our part is to believe God even when there is no sign of the promise being fulfilled in the natural world. We are not to resort to natural means to assess it, grade it, or to perform it. If we see no sign of the promise being fulfilled but we do not fall back on self-effort to fulfill it.

God's part is to make Himself, His work and the fulfillment of His promises real to us. His ways are not our ways. We are to believe for supernatural intervention. He often engineers a supernatural intervention, divine appointment, or divine connection with very little effort from us. We find that He has placed us into a hotbed for growth, a team of hungry seekers, a school of teachers waiting to teach, or a crowd of rebels waiting for a cause. Then we simply go forward as our Spirit-filled selves knowing He has chosen us a partners in ministry.

One with Him - In Him

Having been born again, we are now partakers of a new divine nature. It is not just a positional truth (like true in God's eyes but not evident to anyone else.) We truly have a new identity (and with it a new mind, will and emotions.) Our spirit is now quickened and alive with His Spirit! We live in the spiritual realm, are spiritual creatures, with new eternal Kingdom values.

We have a new inner consciousness because we ARE NEW inside. It is fixed on Christ because He is really living inside us. Before we were fixed on ourselves; now we are never just "self" but a union of "Christ - I" inside because He is the definition of our purpose in life, we are living in a Christ realm vs. a self realm now.

Our identity has been redefined as totally acceptable and forgiven, based on His death and resurrection life coursing through our veins like veins of hope, vision, and power. We are beginning to accept the exchanged life; He took our sin and gave us His righteousness as a gift. We are no longer slaves to sin and are finally off the performance for acceptance treadmill.

But after being born again, we still felt a little separated, like He was still far away. He purposely allowed situations that would press us to find our only hope for true success - in Him.

We don't live hoping to make Him give us what we need form storehouses, far away in Heaven. We live out of the well-spring of living water that He Himself is deep inside us. When He said we are the light, He didn't mean that we merely reflect His light shining from far away. We are light because His blinding light shines through every pore in our body to those who would see Christ.

Many have sought and sought the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the gifts, the refreshing, the outpouring, the power, their ministry, without ever finding "oneness" with Him. They continue to pursue Him never reckoning their oneness as already so. Jesus prayed one outstanding long prayer (and continues to pray) that we will be one with Him as He is with the Father. John 17 Would He intercede for us in Heaven if it were not possible?

While some are begging Jesus to be "with them, "to come," "to show up," etc. others are thanking Him for being their all in all inside, for completeness "in Him," lacking nothing. Why beg for gifts, power and fruit when we already have Jesus, the fullness of the Godhead inside? Let's just thank Him daily that we are already complete in Him.

We no longer ask Him to bless what we can do in our strength "for Him" because without Him, we can do nothing. We just hear what the Father says and we (+ Christ in us) say what the Father says. We see what the Father is doing and we do what the Father does, in His strength, His power, His will, His way and His timing!

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