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NowFaith.TV Ministry Training School
Year 1 Semester 2 #18 at www.NowFaith.TV

Healing and Restoring Basic Trust

The #1 most healing ingredient
you can minister to others is

Basic Trust.
Or can you?

The #1 healing ingredient needed today is - ironically - basic trust!
Satan's number one strategy is to wound us from day one so that we are less able to trust God. An inability to trust God is the grandfather root to every sin. Basic trust is the ability to hold our heart open to God, others and ourselves. Basic trust is an absolute must for those who would minister to hurting people who are not yet healed and free. Isn't that almost everyone?

Watch  the  video,   Click Here,   and test yourself for basic trust.

__ Basic Trust Test: Most of the time ...

I can easily hold my heart open to others to communicate heart to heart.
I readily let people know me and I share who am; I am OK as a person.
I have a strong resilient spirit with plenty of bounce back after I am hurt.
I have the courage to venture out to take risks with minimal anxiety.
I am flexible to shift gears and to flex without getting all frustrated.
I have strength of spirit and can make good decisions readily.
I would rather have intimate friendships than settle for casual acquaintances.
I am comfortable to give and receive appropriate affectionate touch.
I meet God spirit to spirit rather than just know Him with my mind.
I am confident that I am totally forgiven because Christ died for me.
I have strong relationships with my leaders whom I trust to who mentor me.
I have strength to stand alone and to say 'no' as well as 'yes' to others.
When God tells me 'no' I still know that He has my best interest at heart.
I trust God to do 'greater works' through me in His supernatural power.
I have trusting relationships without domination, control and manipulation.
I easily say 'no' to possessive smothering friends who try to run my life.
I firmly choose God's moral values rather than give in to peer pressure.
My internal godly beliefs are more important to me than following traditions.
I am accountable allowing my authorities to teach me better life skills.
My significance is based on God's Truth vs. what people think and say.
I know that I am loved and accepted even when I do not perform well.
I mostly have mature relationships based on mutual trust and respect.
I trust myself to hear God and to make important decisions with confidence.
I am no longer controlled by my parents but I am open to their counsel.
I am able to 'let go' when people I care about insist on making bad choices.
I am responsible to others but not responsible for other people's choices.
I was taught valuable skills to deal with life's adult issues without fear.
Teens who are part of the decision making process learn how to make decisions.
I am able to admit my mistakes without fear of rejection or shame.
I am strong enough to give 'gifts of trust' even to those who have let me down.
I can give more 'space' to significant others even when it hurts me to 'let go.'
When God asks me to do something new, I trust Him to enable me to do it.
God always answers my prayers, provides for me and is there for me.

Give yourself 3 points for each and add 1 point to total 100.

You can use this list as a prayer goal list to go with the prayer to rebuild more basic trust into your heart and life.

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