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Overcoming the Demonic King of Babylon

Strategy Against the Demonic King Over Infirmities    Audio
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This year, I began to seek the Lord for the keys to releasing healing in cases that healing seemed take too long. Lord, what else do we do when we have tried to obey Your Truth about healing, other diseases have been healed, our faith is strong but the last diagnoses is still there?  Then God began to confirm what Ephesians 6 commands us to do:  Come against the demonic spirits over infirmities by starting with principalities, powers and rulers of darkness vs. coming against every individual imp and working our way up the demonic powers. 


I hasten to add that as a believer, you do have authority over demonic powers who harass you and your household.  You may not have been given spiritual authority over principalities over your entire region or nation.  Only do warfare within your assignments of God given spiritual power and authority.


Jesus knew that He had dominion over the earth and all the kingdoms that Satan was offering Him when he came to tempt Him in the wilderness. (Matthew 4)  Jesus went on a 40 day fast, defeated  Satan and demonic kings of their power and stepped into His victorious earthly ministry.  After that, every demon bowed down to the Name of Jesus..


David understood the importance of killing Goliath in order to cause the whole army to flee.  Likewise, once your Goliath is dead, none of the associated demons will have power over you. When we press into the presence of Jesus for hours, we will have dominion over demons in minutes.  There is no escaping this priority of passion to know Him (as a way of life) and the power of His resurrection and the price to be paid maybe suffering in His Name. 


Isaiah 14 is about the satanic king of Babylon.  In the natural, King Nebuchadnezzar was the King of Babylon.  In the spiritual realm there is a demonic king of Babylon and his job is to physically imprison you in your body with sickness and disease.

v 2 oppresses us – rules, takes captive, weighs us down physically or mentally

v 3 sorrow means mental anguish, suffering, injury or loss, fear and hard bondage

v 3 pain, unpleasant suffering in varying degrees of severity from injury or disease

v 3 trouble like bodily pain, heart trouble or arthritis

v 3 weakens us with loss of energy or vitality or to make feeble

v 3 causes us to lay prostrate, to be exhausted or incapacitated, makes us slaves

v 13 attacks our physical bodies as he causes infection and sickness to hinder


As you declare scriptural truths with this audio, you will be praying in corporate agreement to tear down demonic kings, principalities, powers, rulers, master spirits, etc.  (Eph. 6)  You will learn how to tear down their agreements, hexes, spells, curses, powers, etc. and how to:


  • Discern what demonic kings, principalities, powers, rulers, etc. are oppressing you.
  • Discern what your assignment is and what spiritual power and authority you have.
  • Understand how to come against principalities from the top to the bottom.  Eph. 6
  • Command demonic rulers to fall like lightning under the anointing of Jesus.  
  • Free yourself and your family from infirmities and all associated demonic spirits.
  • Loose people under your authority from addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.
  • Loose people under your authority from addiction to prescription drugs.
  • Break the power of biological, bacterial, viral, pestilence, etc. over you.  Ps. 91
  • Release creative miracles to restore diseased body parts to better than new.
  • Discern whether a 40 day fast or partial fast is part of the deliverance strategy.
  • Know how to take out the Goliath and armies that oppress you and your family.
  • Strategize to take back the dominion that you were given by God.
  • Cast your mountain into the sea and to speak to nature, calming the storm.


Join with us to declare these truths with the power of corporate agreement and we will all manifest our healings and freedom.  Receive your commission to take authority over the second heavens and demonic kings.  Receive the healing, freedom, authority and power Father has given to His children.  Walk in the fullness of the abundant life that Jesus has provided for you!


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