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NowFaith.TV Advanced Ministry Lesson # 26
Raising Up Teams of Prophetic People

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After our prophetic training and activation this month, I heard the Lord reminding me that He is raising up whole companies or teams of prophetic people, not just companies of prophets.  He is training hundreds of thousands of prophetic people as His voices for the end-times.  As we train people to hear God's voice for others, we help fulfill the prophecy that Prophet Joel gave and God is pouring out His Spirit on all who hunger and thirst to know Him. (Acts 2:17)

  • Sons/daughters prophesy
  • Young men dream dreams
  • Old men see visions
  • All sheep can hear His voice
  • 5-fold ministers restored
  • Prophetic watchmen    
  • Prophetic teams for churches
  • Prophetic people in business
  • Prophetic educators
  • Prophets in government
  • Prophetic church leaders
  • Prophetic intercessors

God has called us to edify, build up and mature the body.  (Eph. 4:11-14)   Apostle John described the maturing process (1 John 2:12-14) as first we begin as children who are happy that our sins are forgiven.  Second we grow as young men who are focused on overcoming the wicked one.  Third, we mature as spiritual fathers and mothers having a passion to know Father God intimately and to be an expression of His heart to others.  We are being conformed to His image and are His ambassadors.

Learn how God is raising up spiritual fathers and mothers.   
Galatians:  Fathers/mothers have a passion to know Him, drink from the cup of His suffering, and identify with His death and crucifixion.
     Colossians:  Fathers/mothers are risen with Him, walk with Him in His resurrection power and are seated with Him in the Heavenlies.
      Ephesians:  We learn to live an ascended life, are seated with Him in the Heavenlies and co-labor with Him to speak His will into existence.

Fathers and mothers often offer themselves as living sacrifices so that others may know Him.  We are compelled by His love to lay down our conveniences and lives.  We are manifestations of His counsel, His fullness, His heart, His Word, His discernment, His eternal purposes, power, love, and restoration of all things before He returns.  (Acts 3:21)

As His voices on the earth, we prepare the way for His return as we make ready His people.  We are expressions of His heart and desire for intimate interactive relationships with all of His people.  By His Spirit, we  activate  members in their membership ministry, stir up spiritual gifts, impart vision and faith to fulfill their calling. The Spirit of God speaks through His five-fold ministers as an extension of Christ's ministry and His commands to establish His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

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