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NowFaith.TV Advanced Ministry Training Lesson #25
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 He (Leviathan) beholds every high thing;
he is king over all the children of pride.  Job 41:34 

In this video/audio teaching, hear Pastor Philip Pace from Good News Fellowship in Washington, Pa. share his testimony of how hosting the Tearing Down Personal Strongholds course in his church has helped him and his congregation to unite with greater strength to come against cycles of attack from the devil.  This lesson is largely based on Dr. John Eckhardt's book about the spirit Leviathan, the king of pride.

If it is true that pride is the root of all sin, why is it so hard to see it in ourselves?  While we should be very alert to discern fleshly pride in ourselves, there is also a spirit of pride that the Bible describes as a fierce monster that cannot be tamed.  It makes us quick to see pride in others and slow to see it in ourselves.  It offers to promote us but tears us down.

Ready to see the many signs of pride in our lives?  In our pride, we will even be proud that we have a new nature.  We might presume that we can use our new nature to perform perfectly and to earn God's approval after all.  Instead, of acknowledging that we are all like plain melamine cups, only containers of Him and without Him we can do nothing, we will try to compete to get some of the glory in some way. 

Listen as Carlotta exposes the strategies of the spirit of pride and choose to trust God to remove the scales from your eyes so you can see the roots of pride in your own life (not in another person.)  smiles

Participate in this POLL and test yourself:

Hinders prayer or causes the person to feel sleepy.
Blocks you from sensing the need to pray or seek God.
Blocks the need to ask for help or make supplication.
Will speak harshly to others or in a prideful tone of voice.
Will not enter into covenant or mutual agreement.
Rarely submits one to another i.e. in marriage under God.

Is the spirit in most marriages behind separation or divorce.
Will blind you and keep you from honoring your covenants.
Prevents you from receiving/walking in covenant with Jesus.
Denies the authority of the Bible to bind us to covenants.
Causes comparison, competition and religious pride.
Prevents you from submitting to and serving under another.
Promises to promote you but actually destroys you.
Sets you up to argue, fight and contend to get your way.
Will fight deliverance like no other demonic spirit.
Causes you to harden your heart and resist the Lord.
Sets you up to stand against God's plan and purposes.
Tempts you to exalt yourself and to resist God in rebellion.
Manifests as arrogance, conceit, vanity and a haughty spirit.
Hurts your pride leading you to rejection, shame and fear.
Makes you feel insecure and fearful, wanting attention.
Encourages self-righteousness and religious comparison.
Quenches the freedom and work of the Holy Spirit.
Hinders you from flowing in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Divides with denominational pride and excusive thinking.
Shields your from discovery, transparency or true identity.
Manifests with boasting, lying, cursing and defensiveness.
Speaks vain gloriously, arguing and disputing viewpoints.
Is easily agitated, troubled, aggravated and offended.
Stirs up strife to get what you want when you want it.
Has an angry heart, self-important, provoking quarrels.
Causes you to refuse the current moves of the Holy Spirit.
Refuses change or departure from tradition for the "new wine."
Is not teachable, unbending and will not submit to leadership.
Claims it's rights and is not humble to defer to others.
Doubts God due to a deep lack of trust in God's character.
Will not acknowledge that God is always faithful without fail.
Causes backsliding, compromise and lukewarm involvement.
Is spiritually dull without understanding or discernment.
Refuses to receive God's fullness or baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Is stiff-necked and refuses to heed correction or direction.
Rejects the Holy Spirit's conviction to repent of sin.
Causes scriptures to be forgotten and misunderstood.
Prevents you from applying the Word of God to yourself.
Mocks believers who are fanatics, immature or carnal.
Attacks new ministers who need more training or mentoring.
Hinders your growth; puts you to sleep in anointed services.
Causes agitated restlessness when God would give you rest.
Promises you the world but kills, steals and destroys.

You can begin with a score of 100 and subtract 2 points for each sign of pride.  How did you do?  Need Restoration Prayer Ministry?

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