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NowFaith.TV Advanced Ministry Training Lesson # 39

These live teachings and live demo teach you how to break the power of ungodly beliefs. Most of our negative patterns and repeated downward spirals are due to what we have said and thought ourselves. We may want to think bad things come to us "0ut of the blue sky" but the Bible says we get what we say. Thank God that because Jesus died on the Cross, we can confess and renounce our ungodly beliefs.

 Ungodly beliefs that you spoke yourself are still "out there," limiting your present and future life, until you confess and renounce them. You are now reaping what you sowed, later than you sowed and more than you sowed, according to God's spiritual law of sowing and reaping. The devil quotes you and accuses you before the throne day and night.

Bad fruit on our tree means there are bad roots on our tree. You are not the innocent victim if you spoke agreement with satan's lies and spoke disagreement with God's Truth. We don't reap what others have said and sown, just what we have said and sown. No matter how sinful others were, we were not doomed to reap the sin they sowed. We are however, going to reap the sinful reactions we sowed toward them. Thank God, that no matter what others choose to do and say, they cannot limit our future or God's faithfulness to us.

YOU speak your own future into existence as you either agree with or try to break God's spiritual laws. For instance, whatever you sow (or speak) you will also reap. Hebrews 11:1 says NOW FAITH is the substance and evidence of things hoped for (or you will get what you speak.) Remember, we not only speak positive faith, we also speak negative faith.

Jesus said, "... if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask (say or speak,) it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven." Matthew 18:19 Whatever you desire - ask - say - speak - and believe you have it already. Mark 11:24 Many of you still have ungodly soul ties based on ungodly agreements or covenants.

Ungodly beliefs may be a result of hurt or sinful reactions. The devil may set us up to be hurt and to have sinful thinking or behavior. We may have a bitter root expectation that we will be hurt again. When we are hurt again, we now form an ungodly BELIEF that we will be hurt. If we do not confess and repent of our bitterroot expectations and beliefs, we will form a bitterroot judgment against them or even God. We may dishonor authorities or make a fleshly inner vow to never be like them. We may speak word curses over them or ourselves. We may shut down our emotions are become very disappointed with God, doubting Him. We may enter into ungodly agreements or covenants forming ungodly soul ties with others. All of these are ungodly beliefs.

Let's look at ungodly beliefs due to hurts with leadership.

Type of ungodly belief

Ungodly belief

Bitterroot expectation

I will not be able to earn their approval.

Bitterroot judgment

They reject me when I don't perform.

Dishonor of authorities

Leaders only care about making money.

Fleshly Inner Vow

Don't talk, tell, share, ask, feel or be real.

Word curse

You will never be a good pastor.

Ungodly soul tie

I have to take the abuse to get ahead.

Disappointment with God

God doesn't bless me like He does others.

Shut down emotions

My feelings and desires don't matter.

Unhealed hurts

God won't heal me no matter what I pray.

Learn how to break the power of ungodly beliefs as you watch. As you learn to ask forgiveness 5 ways and how to replace ungodly beliefs with Godly beliefs, you can come into agreement with God's Truth again. Speaking God's Truth is God's plan to use the law of sowing and reaping to bless you. Godly beliefs are by definition, agreement with God, His Word, nature, purpose, plan and character. As you speak Godly beliefs, you will find that you really do have everything you need for life and godliness.



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