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POLL: UFO's, Aliens, Fallen Angels? Who Are They?

I, Carlotta, watched DVDs of "The First Christian Symposium on Aliens." Wow! Most of my impressions were verified. As a Prophet Watchman it is part of my calling to make you aware of what Christian scientist researchers are saying about deceptions such as doctrines taught by aliens, their religions and their subculture. In addition, my friend Russ Dizdar, whom I interviewed on Cross Walk Talk Radio, what part of the Q/A panel for 50 questions regarding aliens, UFOs, demons, fallen angel, UFOlogy, ETs and doctrines of demons.

The Ancient of Days DVDs also included 9 lectures
and described their mission as "To present Biblical evidence that the phenomena and entities commonly referred to as "aliens" by popular culture are indeed spiritual in nature and are best described as the activity of "fallen angels" intent on deceiving mankind away from a knowledge of the true God and gospel of Jesus Christ." Their goal was, "To bring together many of the most noted Christian authors and researchers in the field of "alien" research, to equip the body of Christ against deception from "...seducing spirits and doctrines of devils" (1 Tim 4:1) and to effectively minister to those currently bound and tormented by "alien" influence."

I have re-written a brief and more simple description of the 50 questions that each researcher answered below but attempted to stay true to their goal of "presenting a thorough Biblical response to the UFO and alien phenomena by many of the most noted Christian academics and ministers researched in this field." Each point represents a belief that at least 82% of these Christian scientist held as true.

POLL: What do you believe about the alien/UFO/ET phenomenon?

I was abducted by aliens. I was NOT abducted by aliens.

DO YOU BELIEVE? Check if you mostly agree:

Fallen angels falsely claim to be extra-terrestrials (from other planets)?
"Aliens" falsely claimed to be extra-terrestrials from Venus or Mars?
Fallen angels, disguised as "aliens," travel from the heavens to Earth?
"Aliens" or ETs are mentioned through-out biblical history?

UFOs are real, coming to Earth often and are not going away?
Some apparent UFOs are actually caused by natural phenomena?
Some UFOs may be our own top-secret, advanced or military air-craft?
Some bodies found in UFOs are actually manifestations of fallen angels?
UFOs are part of the demonological phenomena?
The theory of ETs (from other planets) has no scientific proof?
Some UFOs are caused by evil spirits, known as fallen angels?
UFOs can and have caused malfunctions in military equipment?
UFOs are evidenced by physical damage to people, places and things?

2-3% of Americans have had experiences like "alien" abductions?
Most "alien" abductees give truthful and reliable accounts of experiences?
Many "alien" abductees are fearful of being dismissed as crazy or delusional?
Most abductees are deceived by demons, posing as genuine ETs?
The "alien-ET" phenomena is a spiritual vs. an inter-planetary phenomena?
Most abductees suffer harmful effects vs. beneficial effects from abduction?
"Aliens" focus on building a new "alien-human" hybrid race?
The Bible refers to Nephilim, part human/part fallen angel?
Believers can terminate an abduction by calling on the Name of Jesus?
Fallen angels or Nephilim cause the "alien" abduction phenomena?

"Aliens" indoctrinate abductees with anti-Christ doctrine?
"Aliens" claim to enlighten abductees with the truth but aren't authentic ETs?
1 Tim 4:1 describes "aliens" as seducing spirits with doctrines of demons?
Anti-Christ spirits are behind the formation of "alien" and UFO cults?
Aliens claim to have created us or seeded the Earth with their DNA?
Believing "alien" doctrine is to deny Father God as our Creator?
"Alien" doctrine teaches Jesus Christ was/is a hybrid or alien/human?
"Aliens" have manifested as Jesus saying that "aliens" work for Him?
"Aliens" harvest DNA, skin and hair samples, eggs, etc. to clone humans?
"Aliens" promise to rescue abductees from the Battle of Armageddon?


"Alien" encounters are comparable to ghost encounters?
"Aliens" try to indoctrinate you with anti-Creator doctrine?
"Aliens" encourage belief in the theory of evolution vs. creation?
"Aliens" building a race of human extra-terrestrial hybrids?
"Aliens" teach that life on earth was planted from seeds from other planets?

The "alien/UFO phenomena" is described in the Book of Revelation?
The Government will officially declare ETs are interacting with mankind?
Belief in "Aliens" will encourage mankind to unite in the One-World Order?
Fallen angels are deceiving mankind into believing they are ETs?

"Alien" abductors are actually fallen angels in various disguises?
"UFO/alien" phenomena warrant more theological evaluation by the Church?
The Church should include "alien" abductions as a spiritual warfare topic?
Fallen angels masquerade as extra-terrestrial beings (from other planets)?
"Aliens" attack, torment and threaten abductees like ghosts do?
Some "aliens" are actually incubus and succubus spirits that rape people?
Deliverance ministries should do more to help "alien" abductees?
Christian Churches should evangelize the "alien/UFO" subculture?

For your responses to be counted, complete the poll above then copy and paste your answers here.

To estimate what percentage you are in agreement with these Christian research scientists, give yourself 2 points for each box checked and add them. (50 boxes = 100%)

We have always offered prayer counseling ministry to survivors of all kinds of abuse and trauma and are reaching out to abductees as well. See our survivor's home page at http://www.cwlinc.com/Recovery-for-survivors-home.html

If you are interested in Restoration Prayer Ministry, please read the four articles and 10 page application at http://www.cwlinc.com/Restoration-Prayer-Ministry.html


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