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Lord Sabaoth,
the Lord of Hosts is
Calling Mighty Warriors
to Train for Advanced
Spiritual Warfare

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Ready to upgrade your position in God's Kingdom on earth?
Tired of the enemy stealing from you? Attacking you and your family?  Being on the bottom of the pile?  Intimidated by demonic spirits?  Ready to own your spiritual power and authority, to take back your house, family, calling, gifts, inheritance and all that God says is already legally yours?  Don't shrink back in false humility!  True humility reports for service, knowing its not about our ability but our availability.

We are not called to be civilians; we are commissioned to be mighty warriors
.  We were sheep; now we are called to be like valiant war horses, to be trained to run toward the battle, without regard for our personal welfare.  We lay down our natural temporal agendas because the Kingdom of God is within us.  In a very real sense, born again believers should not fear death because we know that we, our spirit, will never never die. We have inherited spiritual power and authority (now that we are part of the King's family) to tear down strongholds who lift themselves up against the knowledge of God.  2 Cor. 10:4-6 

Will you commit to actually be trained in Ministry Training School
and to Swing the Sword of the Spirit, enforcing the will, way and purposes of our God in these end times?  Are you ready to enlist for advanced training to be a mighty warrior in God's army?


Our assignment is clear: to partner with Lord Sabaoth (the Lord of Hosts) to destroy the works of the enemy.  Will you join our Cross Walk Life team and invest time, money and energy to free the captives? Are you called to join us as mighty warriors?  The Bible refers to the Lord of Hosts (or Lord Sabaoth) 244 times: 4 times more than any other descriptive name of God!  Hosts means "a mass of persons organized for spiritual warfare or the army," people organized for war. Most people understand God as a merciful Father who sent a loving Savior, but God will not stay in that box.  He is also the Lion of Judah, mighty in battle.  Mighty warriors learn how to swing the Sword of the Spirit.                                

Lord Sabaoth, you have been teaching our hands to war and our fingers to fight!  Psalm 144:1  You have given us a shield of faith and Your Holy Word, the Sword of the Spirit!  I receive your wisdom to take back all the ground that the devil has in me first, so that I can be safe under Your wings and more effective in taking back our land from him.  I choose to repent of every sin, judgmental attitude, unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, pity-party, doubt, etc.  Lord, teach us how to love you with all of our heart, body and soul and to love others as ourselves.  Make us into mighty warriors who swing the Sword of the Spirit and do spiritual warfare with You in these end times. 

Lord of Hosts, teach us the difference between the offensive strategies of spiritual warfare that you are leading us in today versus the defensive strategies that we have been using.  Lord, teach us which of our spiritual weapons to use and when, as we go forth trampling over "all the power of the enemy" as You said in Luke 10:19   We take the Sword of the Spirit and take back our lands for the Kingdom of God, owning the spiritual power and authority you have given to us.

Enough is enough!  Its time to go in and take back our land and to do spiritual warfare to release the captives. So many are being seduced by new age, cults, satanism, Wicca and the liberal media.  Who will hear the call to be involved and go after the perishing?   What will it take to wake up the Church in these end times??  Thousands are being seduced into satan's army while we sleep!  Who will commit to be trained to do spiritual warfare to rescue the perishing?  Lord God, give us the passion of Christ for spiritual warfare and to establish the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven.

NOTICE A POWER SHIFT to go through the gates THIS YEAR??

Need motivation?  Listen to the New World Order strategy

Father's desire is to provide major ingredients that will make us all strong contributing members, mighty warriors in the body of Christ.  Our purpose is to provide a Ministry Training School and mentoring to be the mighty warrior God has called you to be.  When we have dealt with our own blockages, we can be restored, trained and mentored to do spiritual warfare as mighty warriors in the Kingdom of God in these end times.

The first step is to identify where you are now.  A pilot will not receive the right directions from the tower unless he gives them accurate coordinates for his starting position.  Too many ministers today have run out of fuel or have crashed because they did not discern their starting position and were not healed, trained or mentored by anyone. In order to be a valuable contributing warrior in the Kingdom of God, we must be trained.

While we are all a work in process, we all need to find the keys to success in our own relationships before we learn to mentor others.  In Ministry Training School we learn to walk the walk first, then learn to talk the talk.  We humble ourselves before the Lord and trust His authority over us. We train to be mentors so we can become  reproducers.  We train you to swing the Sword of the Spirit, speaking the Truth of God's Word and the Holy Spirit rushes to perform His Word, accompanied by mighty angels!

hat level of teaching, training or mentoring do you need?


Personal ministry Equipping for ministry Corrective insights
Pain relief Training in spiritual gifts Honing relationship skills
Personal freedom Effective ministry skills Character building
Personal healing Activation in ministry Becoming a reproducer
Love and forgiveness Biblical teaching skills Mentoring skills
Victory in Christ Spiritual authority Empowering others
What's my problem? What do I need? What do they need?
Learning to walk Walk the first mile Walk the second mile
Individual sessions Short term seminars Long term internship

You may want mentoring but actually need healing and freedom before you can receive correction and mentoring.  Ask the Holy Spirit for supernatural discernment so you can discern yourself rightly. 

Are you called to be a end-times mighty warrior or a War-Bride ?
Ready to go to ministry training school for mighty warriors?  Ready to enforce the will of our God with spiritual power and authority?  As you listen to these warfare praise songs, make a fresh commitment to let God train you in His Great Commission Army!!

 Let the high praises of God be in their mouth,
And a two-edged sword in their hand, Ps 149:6 NAS

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